Karuizawa restaurant “enji”

Karuizawa is one of the most famous resorts in Japan.

There is a secret hideaway restaurant serving various smoked foods; needless to say for cheese or bacon, surprising are soy sauce, olive oil, salt, Takuan(Japanese pickled radish), chocolate and more.

“enji karuizawa”


I enjoyed lunch at the chef’s table, and conversation with a restaurant manager who has good philosophy of cooking. It was heart warming, relaxing time. Not so many came to the place as it was winter with much snow and it is not front to the main street. They provide real quiet space.

The season for Karuizawa is ofcourse summer, but to enjoy truly relaxing sufficient vacation, winter is also good.
If you have a chance to visit Karuizawa, I strongly recommend you to drop by “enji karuizawa”, which would surely give you a precious experience. 


Author: u37

A Japanese translator

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