A contribution of the late comer

My husband comes home so much late everyday due to his work. Around 0:00 AM is earlier, and in the worst he dosen’t come back home at all.

Last night when he came home around 1:00 AM, I was trying to  sleep in bed. I knew he came, but didn’t want to get up so tried to show myself as much sleepy as possible. However he, totally ignoring my effort, kept talking to me to wake me up. As I have somehow sleep disorder thesedays, I don’t want to miss any chance(the moment I feel sleepy) to fall in asleep.

So I moved like a catapillar and spoke out a few unknown words then pretended to be sleeping. After, when I opened my eyes again, it’s already gotten to be a morning! Thanks to him, I had no difficulty in falling in a sleep!!

I wish he could come home much earlier,  but as for last night, as a result,  I respect and appreciate his great contribution…


Author: u37

A Japanese translator

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