Spring has come

This is what brings spring!

Although it’s still cold outside, the scenery with cherry blossom makes our heart warmer.

I wish such peaceful days continue forever…


Stay open

I don’t like being open-minded.

I live in my own world, which has no business to others.

Sometimes some friends say “You should have done …” or “You could have done…”, which I hate and makes me closed.

But one thing I found.

True trustful friends don’t speak in that way. They always hear me and give back a positive response sometimes with good advice.  It’s not necessary to fear negative hurting words.

Although I’m not used to, I’m trying to be and keep open. So that I can gain much more and closer friendship.

Just like a diary

Sometimes I feel myself powerless, tiny creature with no remarkable talent. But still I love the insignificant one because all my family sufficiently shower much love with it. 

I’m really grateful to them. Even in the hardest time, their words save me a lot.

These feelings are tended to be forgotten so I write them here just like a memo on a diary..

Premium Friday?

One of the Japanese government’s policies, “Premium Friday”, starts today.
It recommends private companies to cut working hour once in a month, every last Friday. Following the policy, some companies will close their business at 3:00PM. 

Today is the first Friday after the policy has been enforced. However, many workers don’t feel it. Why? Because their company do not follow it and nothing would change for them. They work for full-time as usual, go home as usual, that’s all.

Not to mention, I, myself is one of them.

My work will finish at 7:30PM at earliest.

In the morning, some special services for premium Friday was introduced on TV; special menu on the day or special event for freed workers.

Those who to be freed are mostly workers of BIG, WELL-KNOWN companies. They are stable, well-paid workers at the same time. (I heard only 13 companies participated, officialy comfirmed…)

Feel like strange…

A contribution of the late comer

My husband comes home so much late everyday due to his work. Around 0:00 AM is earlier, and in the worst he dosen’t come back home at all.

Last night when he came home around 1:00 AM, I was trying to  sleep in bed. I knew he came, but didn’t want to get up so tried to show myself as much sleepy as possible. However he, totally ignoring my effort, kept talking to me to wake me up. As I have somehow sleep disorder thesedays, I don’t want to miss any chance(the moment I feel sleepy) to fall in asleep.

So I moved like a catapillar and spoke out a few unknown words then pretended to be sleeping. After, when I opened my eyes again, it’s already gotten to be a morning! Thanks to him, I had no difficulty in falling in a sleep!!

I wish he could come home much earlier,  but as for last night, as a result,  I respect and appreciate his great contribution…

Lovely family DEGU

My sweet family GU-chan, a kind of mouse called degu.

Pretty, clever and friendly herbivorous animal.

What I heard is degu has an intelligence as smart as a dog, which could perform some tricks like shaking hand. Unfortunately my loving GU is too naughty to be taught…maybe still hiding his talent.

He always run away from me  once he get free from his living space. 

How cute he is, he definitely comes back soon after running around and coaxes me to hug. That’s due to his nature acquired from colonial life in the wild.

What happened to me

After graduated university,  I’ve focused on gaining experiences as a worker.

I started my first career in a large IT company, where I learned a lot of basic skills for business. They also showed me the world in which everyone has ambitions, eagers to go higher and higher, and seems to sacrifice his/her life with whole day working, for “bright future”.(although almost all of them really enjoy and love the way of living.)

I got tired of running with them so that I changed my lifestyle. With less working hour in an interesting field, I re-started to enjoy my life.

I’m a Japanese born and raised in Nagoya, Aichi. Now living in Tokyo.

I am interested in language translation. Beside Japanese, my capable languages are English and italian.

I would like to make here the place to show my daily view to the world.