Premium Friday?

One of the Japanese government’s policies, “Premium Friday”, starts today.
It recommends private companies to cut working hour once in a month, every last Friday. Following the policy, some companies will close their business at 3:00PM. 

Today is the first Friday after the policy has been enforced. However, many workers don’t feel it. Why? Because their company do not follow it and nothing would change for them. They work for full-time as usual, go home as usual, that’s all.

Not to mention, I, myself is one of them.

My work will finish at 7:30PM at earliest.

In the morning, some special services for premium Friday was introduced on TV; special menu on the day or special event for freed workers.

Those who to be freed are mostly workers of BIG, WELL-KNOWN companies. They are stable, well-paid workers at the same time. (I heard only 13 companies participated, officialy comfirmed…)

Feel like strange…